Sold: Search the latest Macon County real estate transfers

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder’s Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in March.


1435 N. Dennis Ave., $2,100, David and Joyce Cecil to Chantele Taylor

560 W. Division St., $8,005, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Randall J. Byrne

1676 N. Evandale Drive, $55,500, Donald Gene Myers Jr. declaration of trust dated April 27, 2012, to Warren W. Osborne

1243 E. Grand Ave., $9,800, Jerry Sapp and Lynette Sapp to Melissa Caplinger and Michelle Knorr

712 W. Grand Ave., $13,500 (contract dated Nov. 2015), Kathy R. Clark, Kathy J. Frye, to Derrick Taylor

453 W. Green St., $20,300 (contract dated 2000), DCDF, Inc. to Ethel Murphy

1046 N. Hill Ave., $18,500, Lawrence L. Whitten and Cheryl A. Whitten to Denise C. Smith

1300 E. Mound Road, $13,000, Kristin L. Wilson, trustee for the estate of Nancy J. Hatch

1414 N. Summit Ave., $40,900, Jason R. Pastorik and Nina M. Scurti to Bandon S. Gibbs and Annah Bradford

525 W. 16th St., 1628 N. 29th St., 2124 N. Charles St., 1903 N. Church St., 913 N. Cleveland Ave., 1113 and 1312 E. Division St., 955 N. Dunham Ave., 529 E. Garfield Ave., 1268 W. Green St., 1162 E. Harrison Ave.; 1228, 1545 and 1637 E. Hickory St., 128 N. Hilton St., 651 and 813 E. Lawrence St., 355, 411 and 555 W. Leafland Ave., 1735 N. Monroe St., 1128 E. Mueller Ave., 511 and 527 E. Olive St., 896 W. Packard St., 238 W. Peoria Ave., 421 W. Sawyer St., 1150 E. Walnut St., 1425 E. William St., $170,000, Loftis Central Illinois LLC to Nims Real Estate Group Inc.

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